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When Märklin launched their (H0) 4MFOR military line the most frequentally questions were:
1. Is Märklin going to produce any American equipment?
2. Is Märklin going to produce any WWII equipment?
We know the answers to these two questions but here is some really exciting news!

Artitec launched a new line of (H0) WWII eguipment and figures in 2012 and it sold extremenly well.
Because of the tremendous success in Europe they have announced an additional new program for 2013 and are working on a program for 2014.

Currently Artitec is concentrating on WWII Allied Forces (mostly American) and WWII Axis Forces (mostly German). For 2013 they have anounced more Allied Forces items including the Netherlands, Great Brittain and Sweden. In the future it wouldn't surprise me if they start making equipment used in other wars.

Here are all the links you will need:
Pricelist Military Equipment
Brochure 2012 (also see below)
Brochure 2013 (also see below)
Military Railroad Cars
Wallpaper 1
Wallpaper 2
Wallpaper 3

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