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Please click on the logo above to go to the Artitec website.

It is my honor to announce that ToToTrains has become an Authorized Dealer for

Artitec is a young, dynamic Dutch company in the world of model making. Artitec offers years of experience making high quality scale models for architects, museums, and hobbyists.
Artitec Model Train, Ready-Made-Model and Kit, is a perfect blend of an old-fashioned eye for detail and state of the art technology. Expert tips on assembling, painting, and weathering are included in each Kit to help ensure your model is the very best it can be.

Personally I have about 6 years of experience with
Artitec's Model Trains. Their Model Trains line consists of exclusively Dutch prototype including quite a few items that no other company will ever produce. Obviously for me it was only a matter of time to fall in love with them. I have tested their trains on DC track, Märklin C-track and Märklin K-track and they've always worked great. All cars come with DC wheels from the factory. Locomotives are available in several versions but always in both DC and AC (Märklin friendly) versions.

Here are the links to the Artitec Website in different languages:

* * * GERMAN * * * DUTCH
A lot of the descriptions are only in Dutch. If you need an English translation please feel free to contact me, as long as you don't ask me to translate their whole website. Hopefully in the future English translations on their website will be expanded. Of course all the pictures are in English.

Last year
Artitec started a WWII military line in H0. Due to the great response they are expending this line in 2013! For more information on these products, brochures, pictures, availability, anticipated delivery dates and prices, please click on the military logo below.
If you live near the store please stop by; I have samples of locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars and militairy items on display; the pictures just don't do it justice!

To go to the military page please click on this logo:

Artitec makes a lot of beautiful items but it's impossible to place them in a just one or two categories. What follows is my attempt to show you a list of everything they produce. Please click on any of the links below to take you to their website.
Military H0-scale, WWII Allied, no assembly required
Military H0-scale, WWII Axis, no assembly required
Military H0-scale, WWII Axis and Allied, in kit form
4. Model Trains Dutch H0-scale (a lot of of them were seen in Germany and Belgium)
5. Structures and other goodies H0-scale, in kit form
6. Structures and other goodies N-scale, in kit form
7. Ships H0-scale, in kit form
8. Ships N-scale, in kit form
9. Structures H0-scale, no assembly required
10. Structures N-scale, no assembly required
11. Ships H0-scale, no assembly required
12. Accessories
I hope this list makes it a little easier to find your way around the Artitec website.

I order directly from Artitec so you pay the same prices as you would have in the Netherlands. If you don't see a price in dollars just multiply the price in Euros by 1.35. This might change from time to time because of the ever changing exchange rates.
Artitec does not sell to individuals.

Current Artitec Pricelist

Enjoy and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Jan Bröcker
ToToTrains, LLC

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ToToTrains, LLC is not liable for typo's or any changes in price or delivery due to manufacture's decision(s).
Depending on the exchange rate between the Euro and the Dollar, small price adjustments might occur.