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Trix is a company that has been making model trains for decades. Trix was bought by Märklin at the end of the last century. These days models for 3 rail (AC) are generally produced under the Märklin name, and models for 2 rail (DC) are being produced under the Trix name.
An interesting side note is that a lot of times you can actually find the exact same car in both lines, but with different road numbers. This way you can make longer trains without duplicating the road numbers.
The wheels on the Trix rolling stock can easily be converted to Märklin wheels, and visa versa. With locomotives it is quite a bit harder, but more often then not you will find the engine you're looking for in both AC (Märklin) and DC (Trix) versions.
Trix also makes N scale trains under the name MiniTrix.
I do not stock a lot of Trix, but lately more and more folks are starting to show an interest in Trix. If you are one of them I would be happy to give you advice on prototype, prices, and other general questions.

Trix 2014 New Items:
Märklin and Trix Export Brochure English
Märklin and Trix Export Brochure German
Märklin and Trix Export Brochure Dutch
Trix New Items Brochure English
Trix New Items Brochure German
Trix New Items Brochure Dutch