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4MFOR: Metal Military Mission By Märklin

Your host with the 4MFOR sales team in Nürnberg, 2008

4MFOR: Metal Militairy Mission by Märklin
4MFOR: A line of super detailed militairy models constructed of mostly metal introduced in 2007.
The Märklin model builders are creating richly detailed models using precise molding technology. These models make use of metal as a raw material and feature a previously unknown quality in the scales of 1:87 (H0) and 1:32 (1 gauge). Fascinating details and even the weight of a real tank are realistically and impressively translated into the model in this manner.
Loading scenes and troop transport can be reproduced with absolute prototypical realism for a model railroad. We understand this type of craftmanship: because the 4MFOR quality, the 4MFOR railroad locomotives and cars, and the 4MFOR metal technology for these militaire models come from a good company; from Märklin.
(text taken from the 4MFOR 2008 new items brochure)

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