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Märklin 2014 Insider II:

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Just like previous years, Märklin is producing another Insider locomotive in H0 and Z and a matching car set in H0. Insider members can order these products by filling out the form(s) and sending them to the store. The form(s) should arrive with your next Märklin Magazine.

Jan Bröcker

Märklin H0: 39053 Class 05 Cab Forward Streamlined Steam Locomotive with Tender
ToToTrains Price: $669.00
Anticipated Delivery: 4th quarter 2014

German State Railroad (DRB) class 05 streamlined express steam locomotive. Version with powdered coal firing and the engineer's cab at the front. Wine red basic paint scheme. Road number 05 003. The locomotive looks as it did around 1937.

The locomotive has the new mfx+ digital decoder and extensive sound functions. Different sounds of powdered coal being moved with a compressor (Operating Sounds 1, 2, 3) can be activated by means of the function buttons. The locomotive has controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel, in the boiler. 3 axles powered. Traction tires. The locomotive and tender are constructed mostly of metal. Minimum curved for operation is 360 mm / 14-3/16". Cutouts in the side streamlining for smaller track curves can be filled in with add-on fill pieces. The dual headlights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. A third headlight as a headlight for oncoming trains can be controlled separately in digital operation. The engineer's cab lighting can be controlled separately in digital operation. Maintenance-free, warm white LEDs are used for the lighting. The locomotive and tender have numerous, separately applied grab irons. A 7226 smoke generator and a figure of a locomotive engineer are packed at the factory with the locomotive. There is a permanent close coupling between the locomotive and tender. Length over the buffers 31.0 cm / 12-1/4".

Smoke generator contact
Steam locomotive operating sounds
Locomotive whistle
Direct control
Sound of squealing brakes off
Engineer's cab lighting
Whistle for switching maneuver
Light(s) for Oncoming Train
Operating Sounds 1
Operating Sounds 2
Operating Sounds 3
Letting off Steam
Air Pump
Grate Shaken

Completely new tooling.
Locomotive and tender constructed mostly of metal.
mfx+ digital decoder included, even more operating enjoyment in the Märklin "World of Operation".
These new functions are only available in conjunction with the Central Station 2 starting with firmware Version 3.5.
Smoke generator and locomotive engineer figure packed at the factory with the locomotive.
The 39053 streamlined steam locomotive is being produced in 2014 in a one-time series only for Insider members.

05 003 Steam Locomotive with a Cab on the Front In 1933 the German State Railroad Company (DRG) contracted with the firm Borsig to design and build two three-cylinder streamlined steam locomotives as the class 05 to reach speeds as high as 175 km/h / 109 mph and beyond for the first time. As early as the presentation of the designs, there were doubts whether the locomotive crews would be able to monitor the track and the signals sufficiently at 175 km/h / 109 mph. The decision makers therefore requested development of a third locomotive with the same performance but with the cab at the front of the locomotive as with electric locomotives. In 1934, the DRG thereby ordered a third high speed locomotive from Borsig as road number 05 003 with a cab located at the front. Since the locomotive engineer and fireman were not to be separated, the Borsig designers came up with a 4-6-4 plan in which the outer firebox was located in the rear relative to the main direction of operation, while the tender was coupled behind the smoke box. However, this design permitted only oil firing or powdered coal firing. Since oil firing was not considered give the raw material situation at that time, the decision was made to equip the locomotive for powdered hard coal firing. In the fall of 1937, the first test runs took place on the route Berlin ? Hamburg. At this time, powdered hard coal was not yet available. The decision was therefore made to run with powdered lignite. As expected there were no problems in terms of combustion, however the maximum speed reached was 156 km/h / 97 mph. Subsequent attempts with powdered hard coal did not achieve considerably better results. World War II prevented fundamental modifications and the locomotive was therefore stored for a long time. When the shortage of locomotive increased sharply in the summer of 1944, road number 05 003 was remembered and by February 14, 1945 it was converted at Hennigsdorf to a normal version for lump coal firing. On February 15, 1945, it was assigned to the Hamburg-Altona district where it was used for various purposes and then it remained in storage until May of 1947. Subsequently it was transferred to the Hamm District at the request of the British Occupation Authorities and after an overhaul was used in scheduled express train service between Hamm and Cologne until it was placed in storage again in October of 1947 due to damages. At the start of 1950 road number 05 003 as well as road numbers 05 001 and 002 were overhauled again at the firm Krauss-Maffei in Munich. After that, it along with its siblings went to the Hamm District and were now used fully in railroad operations. These locomotives were given a three-day service plan and from 1951 on, they had their longest run between Hamburg and Cologne at 478 km / 299 miles. From 1953 on, they even ran for a short time between Hamburg and Frankfurt (Main) a full 703 km / 439 miles. At this time, these units gave their best performance. Road number 05 003 reached a proud 22,345 km / 13,966 miles in August of 1954. In the summer of 1955, these units shined in "F-Zug" express service with the trains F 1/2 ?Hanseat?, F 13/14 ?Dompfeil?, and F 16 ?Sachsenross?. However, they were not to have a long life, because as a minor class they were on the cut list. Road number was stored in operating condition on September 9, 1957, was ordered into retirement on June 16, 1958, and was scrapped in 1960. In its relatively short working life it achieved a remarkable 798,328 km / 498,955 miles.

An express train passenger car set to go with this locomotive is being offered under item number 43256 exclusively for Insider members.

This model can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item number 22915 exclusively for Trix Club members.



Märklin H0: 43256 D 12 Berlin-Stuttgart Express Train Passenger Car Set
ToToTrains Price: $379.00
Anticipated Delivery: 4th quarter 2014

6 different design German State Railroad (DRB) express train passenger cars. Version as D 12 for the train route Berlin - Stuttgart. 1 type C4ü-23 "Hechtwagen" / "Pike Car" express train passenger car, 3rd class. 1 type WR4ü(39) MITROPA "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" dining car. 1 type AB4ü-38 "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" express train passenger car, 1st/2nd class. 1 type C4ü-39 "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" express train passenger car, 3rd class. 1 type Pw4ü-23 "Hechtwagen" / "Pike Car" express train baggage car. 1 type Post4ü-a German State Postal System "Schürzenwagen" / "Skirted Car" express train mail car. The cars look as they did at the end of the Thirties.

The cars are detailed and full length for the scale. They have underbodies and trucks specific to the car types. The coaches have numbers for their position in the train and train destination signs. The 7319 current-conducting couplings or the 72020/72021 current-conducting couplers can be installed on all of the cars. Interior lighting kits can be installed in all of the cars. The mail car comes with factory-installed lighted upper marker lights at one end. Total length over the buffers 149.2 cm / 58-3/4".

Express Train D 12, train route Berlin - Stuttgart.
Mail car includes lighted upper marker lights.
All of the cars are full length for the scale.
This express train passenger car set is being produced in 2014 in a one-time series only for Insider members.

The class 05 streamlined steam locomotive goes well with this car set and is being offered under item number 39053 exclusively for Märklin Insider members.




Märklin Z: 88507 Class 05 003 Cab Forward Streamlined Steam Locomotive with a Tender
ToToTrains Price: TBA
Anticipated Delivery: 4th quarter 2014

German State Railroad Company (DRG) class 05 003 steam locomotive with the engineer's cab at the front, the so-called cab forward.

This locomotive is an exquisite, completely equipped brass handmade model in the elegant red paint scheme of the DRG in Era II. It is technically perfectly crafted out of etched brass parts. The locomotive is equipped with a powerful can motor with a bell-shaped armature that powers a metal gear drive. All driving axles powered. The triple headlights are warm white LEDs that change over with the direction of travel. The upper lights (headlight for oncoming train) can be turned off separately by means of a switch. The locomotive has open brass spoked wheels. The spacing between the locomotive and the tender can be adjusted. The engineer's cab has windows and a reproduction of the cab interior. Fill-in pieces are included for the cutouts on the skirting so that the model can be displayed perfectly in a display case. Additional detail parts are included to complete the buffer beam on the rear of the tender. The locomotive comes with the Märklin Z coupler on the rear. The locomotive has many separately applied lines and details. The brake imitations as well as sand pipes and rail clearance devices are indicated. The buffers have straight and curved buffer plates. The minimum radius for operation is 195 mm / 7-11/16" (R2) due to the fine detailing and the length of the model. Length over the buffers approximately 126 mm / 5". The locomotive is packaged in a real wood case, and the set also has a replica of the builder's plate made of metal.

First time for the edition of a Fine Art handmade model in fine brass construction.
The finest of detailing.
Elegant dark red paint scheme.
Open metal spoked wheels.
Powerful can motor with a bell-shaped armature.
Reproduction of the engineer's cab interior.
Fill-in pieces included for the skirting cutouts.
Upper headlights for oncoming trains canbe turned off separately.
Many separately applied details.
Packaged in a high quality wooden case.
Metal replica of the builder's plate included.
One-time series only for Märklin Insider members.