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Märklin 2014 New Items: Accessories (all scales)

Prices do not include shipping from ToToTrains to you. Applicable taxes apply.
ToToTrains, LLC is not liable for typo's or any change in price or delivery due to manufacture's decision(s).

I will be placing orders for the new items on an almost daily basis because Märklin (and its distributor) work on a first come first served basis. Please place your orders as early as possible since especially the MHI (Exclusive) and the limited items usually sell out faster!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Jan Bröcker


Märklin Accessories: 02421 Smoke Fluid
ToToTrains Price: $19.95
Anticipated Delivery: available

This is a large refill bottle with 250 ml / 8.45 oz. especially for 1 Gauge models with cylinder steam or for all smoke units.





Märklin H0: 23300 H0 Plastic Track Extension Set for Battery Operated Trains
ToToTrains Price: $19.00
Anticipated Delivery: 2nd quarter 2014

Contents: 4 sections of straight track (length: 188.3 mm / 7-3/8"), 7 sections of straight track (length: 171.7 mm / 6-3/4"), 2 sections of curved track (turnout curves), 1 left turnout and 1 right turnout made of sturdy plastic just right for children. Instructions with different setup possibilities are included.

Ideal add-on for the Märklin my world starter sets
Allows you to do a variety of track expansions

Ideal expansion of the Märklin my world starter sets to include either a passing siding or storage sidings.





Märklin H0: 24900 H0 C1 C Track Extension Set
ToToTrains Price: $35.00
Anticipated Delivery: 2nd quarter 2014

Contents: 2 no. 24172 straight track, 1 no. 24224 curved track, 1 no. 24611 left turnout, 1 no. 24977 track bumper, and instructions.

For adding a storage siding to the C Track starter sets.




Märklin Accessories: 60215 Central Station
ToToTrains Price: $899.00
Anticipated Delivery: available

In addition to the widely used protocols Motorola, mfx, and DCC, the Central Station combines a large color touch screen with 2 locomotive controllers for easy, convenient control of locomotives. The representation of locomotives can be done with color images. Furthermore, the Central Station has a built-in Märklin Digital locomotive database as well as 2 built-in locomotive card readers (for saving locomotive data on a locomotive card or for quickly calling up a locomotive by inserting its card in the reader). mfx locomotives are automatically recognized and taken into the locomotive list with all of their characteristics. There is also a powerful booster for providing power to the layout for train and accessory current, 20 Keyboards (DCC: 128) for controlling up to 320 (DCC: 2,048) solenoid accessories, a track diagram control board as well as a route controller (including shuttle train control), all of this built into the Central Station. The Central Station can be used in multiples, i.e. with the optional cable (60123) several Central Stations (60214 and/or 60215) can be operated together on a layout, whereby joint and separated configurations can be maintained in the CS2 for the layout areas to be controlled. The Central Station has a built-in USB host (for a mouse, keyboard, or USB stick) as well as a network connection for communication with a personal computer. Maximum load at the feeder track: 5 amps, maximum load at the programming track: 1.2 amps. A maximum output power of 58 VA and a maximum current of 3 amps is available, when the CS2 is used with the 60061 switched mode power pack (only a 230 volt version of the 60061 is available). A maximum current of 5 amps is available for the 60215 when used with the 60101 switched mode power pack (recommended only for 1 Gauge) (only a 230 volt version of the 60101 is available). Make sure that the wire to the track is larger than 0.5 mm² in cross section or 20 gauge wire or larger! Dimensions 320 x 190 x 80 mm / 12-5/8" x 7-1/2" x 3-1/8".

Märklin Digital multiple protocol controller (Motorola, mfx, mfx+, DCC).
Large color touch screen and 2 locomotive controllers.
2 built-in locomotive card readers.
Network connections and USB port.
Built-in Märklin Digital locomotive database.
Up to 16 controllable locomotive functions.
Built-in Keyboard and Memory.
Built-in track diagram control board.
Update 3.5.x
Different background images can be selected.
Day/night brightness adjustment.
Quick selection of locomotive addresses.
Update 3.6.x
Model time can be represented.
Your own schedules can be generated.
Sound reproduction by means of external speakers.
Sounds can be played individually at the Central Station
Extensive possibilities for automating a model railroad layout.




Märklin H0: 44107 Adapter Car Connecting Battery Operated Trains With Traditional Märklin Trains
ToToTrains Price: $9.00
Anticipated Delivery: 3rd quarter 2014

Gondola in a colorful paint scheme.

The car has a magnet and a Relex coupler, for coupling cars from the Märklin my world assortment and cars from the model railroad area. Car length 11.2 cm / 4-3/8".

This car allows you to have fun in both assortments.