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Märklin 2009 New Items: Z-Scale (Z-Gauge)

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There are two prices for each item. The first price is for items that are ordered before February 27th, the second price is for items ordered after February 27. Some items sell out very fast (especially Limited Editions, 150 Year Märklin Items and MHI items), so please place your order as early as possible.



Märklin Z: 81441 “Austrian Express Passenger Train” Train Set.

ToToTrains price: $354.90/$394.44

Prototype: Austrian Federal Railways (BBÖ) class E 18 42 electric locomotive with 4 skirted express train passenger cars. 1 type AB4üh coach, 1st/2nd class, and 3 type C4üh coaches, 3rd class.

Model: The locomotive has a 5-pole motor. All of the driving axles are powered. The headlights are maintenance-free LEDs. The locomotive has older design pantographs. The locomotives and cars are a special edition. They are not available separately. Train length 436 mm / 17-3/16".

E 18 42, later 1118.01 on the ÖBB, in a two-color long distance service paint scheme.



Märklin Z: 81450 “Lime Transport” Train Set.

ToToTrains price: Postponed until 2010

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG), business area DB Cargo, class 232 large heavy diesel locomotive and 5 different type TDS side dump cars.

Model: The locomotive has a 5-pole motor. Both trucks are powered. The triple headlights and red marker lights change over with the direction of travel. The headlights and marker lights are maintenance-free white and red LEDs. The cars have hinged roofs that can be opened. The railings, ladders, and locking rods are separately applied. The train is very weathered. The cars have different car numbers. Total length over the buffers approximately 310 mm / 12-3/16".

Locomotive as completely new tooling.
Maintenance-free LEDs for headlights and marker lights.
Authentic weathering.



Märklin Z: 82100 Stake Car Set.

ToToTrains price: $56.90/$60.37

Prototype: 2 German Federal Railroad (DB) type R 10 stake cars with brakeman's platforms. Used to transport double-walled oil containers.

Model: The 2 stake cars have brakeman's platforms and are each loaded with 3 oil tank models in a suitable wooden frame. Total length over the buffers 116 mm / 4-9/16".



Märklin Z: 82356 Heavy Duty Flat Car Set.

ToToTrains price: $72.90/$84.52

Prototype: 2 German Federal Railroad (DB) type SSym flat cars. Loaded with ingot moulds.

Model: Both cars come with a load frame and 3 ingot moulds as a load, realistically painted. Stakes are included that can be installed on the cars. Total length over the buffers 123 mm / 4-7/8".

Ingot moulds made of real metal and painted realistically.
Load frame for securing the ingot moulds.



Märklin Z: 82624 High Capacity Hopper Car Set.

ToToTrains price: $120.90/$132.82

Prototype: 3 special cars for transporting grain (Ceraliers). Privately owned standard design cars used on the French State Railways (SNCF).

Model: The set has 3 privately owned cars painted and lettered for “Sanders”, used on the French State Railways (SNCF). The cars have large format advertising on the sides. They also have finely detailed reproductions of brakeman's platforms, ladders, and hand rails. Total length over the buffers 207 mm / 8-1/8".



Märklin Z: 86201 Torpedo Ladle Car.

ToToTrains price: $88.90/$96.59

Prototype: Special car with 18 axles for transporting molten crude iron. Privately owned cars, used on the German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG).

Model: The cars have 2 main bolsters made of metal, each one with a four-axle and a five-axle truck. The torpedo ladle container is self-supporting and has a machinery unit and a counterweight. Length over the buffers 154 mm / 6-1/16".



Märklin Z: 86571 Crane Car Set.

ToToTrains price: $56.90/$58.76

Prototype: 1 each German Federal Railroad (DB) low side car and crane car.

Model: The crane car has a crane cab that can be rotated, a movable boom, and boom supports. The crane's hook can be raised and lowered with a hand crank. Total length 93 mm / 3-11/16".



Märklin Z: 88610 Streamlined Steam Locomotive.

ToToTrains price: $225.90/$249.54

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 61 express tank locomotive with streamlining."

Model: The locomotive has all driving axles powered. The wheel treads are dark nickel plated. The headlights are maintenance-free LEDs. A Scharfenberg coupler is indicated at both ends of the locomotive; below it is the regular Z Gauge coupler. Length over the buffers 85 mm / 3-3/8".

The Class 61. In 1935, the locomotive builder Henschel delivered a tank locomotive with streamlining and a 4-6-4T wheel arrangement to the German State Railroad Company (DRG). This unit had a top speed of 175 km/h / 109 mph, driving wheels with a diameter of 2,300 mm / 90-9/16" and was painted in an elegant two-color scheme of cream and violet. It was used on the route between Berlin and Dresden with specially built cars (Henschel-Wegman train). The two-cylinder running gear caused problems in express service, however, and the DRG therefore purchased road number 61 002 in 1939, a three-cylinder steam locomotive with a 4-6-6T wheel arrangement. This unit has essentially better running characteristics and fewer weaknesses showed up in operation than road number 61 001. During World War II, both of these units were hardly used. Road number 61 001 was restored after the war to running condition by the German Federal Railroad, but it was used infrequently in lower classes of service with reduced streamlining and a standard black and red paint scheme. It was taken out of service relatively soon and was scrapped. Road number 61 002 remained with the German State Railroad of East Germany and was overhauled after the war. It was stationed at the DR's experimental facility in Halle as road number 18 201.



Märklin Z: 88632 Diesel Locomotive.

ToToTrains price: $241.90/$265.64

Prototype: Danish State Railways (DSB) class MY 1100 general-purpose locomotive. Diesel electric Europe locomotive from the GM/NOHAB/AFB cooperative project.

Model: The locomotive has a 5-pole motor. Both trucks are powered. The wheels have dark nickel plated wheel treads and flanges. Length over the buffers 88 mm / 3-7/16".



Märklin Z: 88888 “150 Years of Märklin” Anniversary Set.

ToToTrains price: $466.90/$523.24

Prototype: 1 Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) class Ce 6/8 and 1 Swiss “Crocodile” in a paint scheme for the New York Central Lines.

Model: Both locomotives have a 5-pole motor. Both trucks are powered on each locomotive. Length over the buffers for each locomotive 91 mm / 3-9/16".

One-time series only in the anniversary year.
Both locomotives are a special edition.
Each set will come with an individual, numbered anniversary certificate.

“Crocodiles”. The Swiss mountain locomotives that pulled heavy freight trains over the Gotthard grades were known as “Crocodiles”. The design (articulated hoods, extended shape) and the color green was the source of the name. When traversing combinations of turnouts and “S” curves, these locomotives “snaked” through the curves like a reptile. “Six-axle full gauge locomotive, only for large curves, true reproduction of the 'Crocodile locomotive' …”, this was the way the reproduction of the latest Swiss locomotive was presented in the 1933/34 Märklin catalog. The design and the pulling power of the original locomotive impressed people so much at that time that it became a synonym for progress and power. A mystique that henceforth lingered on in the history of Märklin. This legendary piece of motive power was in all of the scales offered by Märklin. First in 1 Gauge and 0 Gauge, then H0 and even in Z Gauge Mini Club. It was the top product offered everywhere in the assortment and thus became the unofficial “heraldic animal” of Märklin. The color green dominated over the longest period of its service life on the Gotthard grades and left the original color brown almost forgotten. Märklin did not bring out a “Crocodile” in brown on the market until 1984 in a limited quantity in 1 Gauge as an offering for the 125 anniversary of the company. There never was a white “Crocodile” in reality. Despite that, a large Märklin dealer in New York ordered single samples of large 0 Gauge locomotives in special paint schemes. He chose the color white, which is totally atypical in the prototype. It can't be denied that the locomotives in this fantasy paint scheme had a special effect on observers. Despite this, there was only the one order for some unknown reason. These locomotives were thereby one-off pieces seen by only a few people. Amazingly, they became very well known in collector circles. Perhaps, because who could imagine a “Crocodile”, the Swiss mountain locomotive, which was typically green, in a white paint scheme?




Märklin Z: 88999 Passenger Locomotive with a Tender.

ToToTrains Price: $241.90/$265.64

Prototype: 1 passenger locomotive with a tender, the class P 8 of the Grand Ducal Baden State Railways.

Model: The locomotive has a 5-pole motor. All of the driving axles are powered. Length over the buffers 84 mm / 3-5/16".