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Märklin 2009 New Items: Replica/Reproduction Items

Prices do not include shipping from ToToTrains, LLC to you.
Applicable taxes apply.
ToToTrains, LLC is not liable for typo's or any change in price or delivery due to manufactor's decision(s).
There are two prices for each item. The first price is for items that are ordered before February 27th, the second price is for items ordered after February 27. Some items sell out very fast (especially Limited Editions, 150 Year Märklin Items and MHI items), so please place your order as early as possible.



Märklin: 10110 Metal Construction Set.

ToToTrains price: $172.90/$181.12

Model: This is a Märklin basic metal construction set with 242 parts. It is a one-time special edition of a legendary metal construction set that was manufactured for a long time by Märklin as a regular item. It is being produced for the "150th Anniversary of Märklin". This construction set is being produced only once exclusively in the Märklin anniversary year as a special edition. Instructions for building different models are included.

Reproduction of a Märklin metal construction set exclusively for the "150th Anniversary of Märklin".

Many different possible models that can be constructed.
Specially designed anniversary packaging.
Instructions for building models included.



Märklin: 16064 "Jolanda" Propeller-Driven Steam Ship.

ToToTrains price: $1899.00 (no other discounts apply, only a small number will be produced)

Model: Reproduction of a Märklin propeller-driven steam ship from around 1910. The hull and the superstructure are constructed of metal. The ship comes with an anchor chain with an anchor. The anchor can be raised with a sprocket wheel. The ship has a movable ladder on the larboard and starboard sides. The superstructure parts, intake guides, rescue boats, masts with the rigging, etc. are finely represented. The ship has a built-in windup motor for driving the ship's propeller. The rudder can be moved with the wheel on the deck. A wave base that can be rolled is included and the ship can placed on it for decoration and can be moved with it. Length of the ship approximately 82.0 cm / 32-1/4".

The ship will float.
Windup mechanism included.
One-time series.



Märklin: 18103 Set with 12 Reproduction Model Automobiles in a Display.

ToToTrains price: $399.90/$434.69

Prototype: Different automobiles of the Opel "Manta", Ford "Capri", Audi "100 Coupe", and BMW "2000".

Model: The bodies and floors of these automobiles are made of die-cast metal. The interiors and the wheel rims are made of plastic. The cars have rubber tires. The bumpers and the headlights are set off in colors different from the rest of the automobiles. Each type of automobile comes in 3 different colors. The automobiles come individually packaged and marked. Length of the Opel approx. 100 mm / 3-15/16", length of the Ford approx. 100 mm / 3-15/16", length of the Audi approx. 106 mm / 4-3/16", and length of the B BMW approx. 101 mm / 4".

Reproduction of classics.
Reproductions produced with the original tooling of the former models.
Packaging made of cardboard in an historic design.

One-time series.



Märklin: 18310 “Unimog” General-Purpose Vehicle as a Reproduction from Original Tooling.

ToToTrains price: $99.90/$108.76

Prototype: “Unimog” general-purpose vehicle with these accessories: a trailer for logs, 1 dump body, 1 water tank, 1 frontend loader, 1 roller, and 1 power shovel.

Model: The body and the flatbed for the tractor are made of die-cast metal, have metal floors, and plastic wheels. The bumpers and the “jeweled headlights” are set off in colors different from the rest of the vehicle. The vehicle length without accessories is approx. 9.5 cm / 3-3/4". The accessory parts are made of metal and partly of plastic.

Reproduction of a classic with a broad assortment of accessories.
All of the parts are produced from the original tooling for the former model.
Packaging made of cardboard in an historic design.

One-time series.