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Märklin Exclusive (MHI) Items III

Following are the new 2008 Exclusive III Items announced by Märklin.
Prices do not include shipping from ToToTrains to you. Applicable taxes apply.
ToToTrains is not liable for typo's, or any change in price or delivery due to the manufacturers decision(s).

All Exclusive (MHI) items are being produced in very limited quantities!



Märklin H0 26410: "Karlsruhe Train" S-Bahn Prototype

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) shuttle train: class 141 248-5 electric locomotive and three commuter cars. Type Abnrz 704, 1st and 2nd class, type Bnrz 725, 2nd class, and type BDnrzf 740, 2nd class with an engineer's cab. Modernized cars from older "Silberlingen" / "Silver Coins" cars.

Model: There are electrical connections between the cars and the locomotive, and the power pickup and the headlights / marker lights change between the locomotive and the cab control car, depending on the direction of travel. The headlights and marker lights for the train change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder and the new controlled compact design Softdrive Sine high efficiency propulsion. 4 axles powered. 2 traction tires. The locomotive has separately applied metal grab irons. It also has interior details for the engineer's cabs. The locomotive has separately applied roof walks. The triple headlights (maintenance-free warm white LEDs) and dual red marker lights (maintenance-free LEDs) change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. Electric locomotive operating sounds with the "fire cracker" sound, lights at the ends of the locomotive, and acceleration and braking delay can be controlled with the 6021 Control Unit and with Märklin Systems. The whistle sound and the sound of brakes squealing can be controlled with Märklin Systems. There is a figure of a locomotive engineer in Cab 1. The locomotive has detailed buffer beams. It also has NEM coupler pockets and a close coupler mechanism. The cab control car has triple white headlights (maintenance-free warm white LEDs) and dual red marker lights (maintenance-free LEDs) that change over with the direction of travel. It also has a lighted destination sign that can be controlled digitally with the headlights / marker lights. Total length over the buffers 102.6 cm / 40-3/8".

Functions: Headlight(s), Lights Cab 1 End, Lights Cab 2 End, Electric locomotive operating sounds, Direct control, Locomotive whistle and Sound of squealing brakes off.

Real shuttle train function as a model with pickup shoe changeover.
Prototypical changes to the locomotive body: no rain gutters, "Klatte" design vents.
Mfx decoder with light and sound functions.
Softdrive Sine high-efficiency propulsion.
One-time series.

The Karlsruhe Train - The Experimental S-Bahn. The use of the much praised class ET 420 was not convincing in the Rhine-Ruhr area. There were longer routes to cover and passengers did not at all like the lack of toilets. The DB reacted to the many complaints by placing a locomotive-hauled S-Bahn train into service. In the mid-Seventies the Karlsruhe maintenance facility developed prototypes for a shuttle train from three Silberlingen / Silver Coins commuter cars. The cars were equipped with swinging-sliding doors with electromagnetic door locks and a permanent entrance that limited its use in the route network since a station platform of at least 76 cm / 30" was a requirement. The interior of the cars was designed to be more manageable and the baggage area was done away with in the cab control car in favor of more seats. The cars were painted in the color scheme for that time of ocean blue / beige, but in reverse, which clearly differentiated the train from the rest of the DB rolling stock. In addition, several standard Silberlinge / Silver Coins cars were also adapted by the Karlsruhe maintenance facility and were used as reserve cars. The Hagen 141 248-5 was selected as motive power, and it was given an unusual, asymmetrical paint scheme to go with the train. It made the train look like a complete unit. In the rough and ready everyday existence of S-Bahn trains the Karlsruhe train was not successful basically because the locomotive did not have enough acceleration. The cars were then put back into normal service rather quickly and the German Federal Railroad used the experience with the Karlsruhe train to develop the type "x" cars, which still form the backbone of the commuter service in the Ruhr area. These cars run in trains of 3-5 cars, usually pulled by the class 111 or class 143.

This model can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item no. 21337.

Price: $475.00





Märklin H0 36793: "Police" Diesel Locomotive

Prototype: Class ER 20 "Hercules". Imaginary paint and lettering scheme as a police locomotive.

Model: This diesel locomotive comes in a "police paint scheme" with working blue warning lights and typical German police warning horn sound. The locomotive is constructed of metal with many cast-in details. The total design of the locomotive is ideal for model railroad operation. The locomotive has a digital decoder and a special can motor. It also has a sound effects generator. 4 axles powered through cardan shafts. 2 traction tires. The headlights are LEDs, they will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The blue warning lights, the warning horn sound, and the acceleration and braking delay can be controlled digitally. Length over the buffers 21.7 cm / 8-9/16".

Functions: Headlight(s), Light Function 1, Operating sounds and Direct control.

Blue warning lights and warning horn sound can be controlled digitally.
Sturdy metal construction.
One-time series only for Märklin Insiders or members of the 1. FC Märklin.

Price: $ 179.00





Märklin H0 39013: Road No. 01 150 Express Locomotive with a Tender

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) class 01 steam locomotive. Museum locomotive of the Nürnberg Transportation Museum as it looked in its rebuilt state. The locomotive looks as it did before the fire in October of 2005.

Model: The locomotive has a controlled Softdrive Sine high-efficiency propulsion system, a compact design, maintenance-free motor with an mfx decoder and a sound generator. 3 axles powered. Traction tires. The locomotive and tender are constructed mostly of metal. There is an adjustable close coupling between the locomotive and tender for different curves. A 7226 smoke generator can be installed in the locomotive. The triple headlights change over with the direction of travel. They and the smoke generator that can be installed in the locomotive will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The headlights are warm white LEDs. There is a close coupler with a guide mechanism and an NEM pocket on the tender. The minimum radius for operation is 360 mm / 14-3/16". Length over the buffers 27.5 cm / 10-13/16". The locomotive comes in a wooden case.

Functions: Headlight(s), Smoke generator contact, Steam locomotive operating sounds, Locomotive whistle, Direct control, Sound of squealing brakes off, Flickering Light in Fire Box, Whistle for switching maneuver, Air Pump, Letting off Steam, Sound of coal being shoveled and Grate Shaken.

The express locomotive with road number 01 150 is being produced in 2008 in a one-time series for Insider members only.

In cooperation with the German Railroad, Inc. Märklin is offering all Insider members the opportunity of acquiring this H0 model of road no. 01 150 in an exclusive collector's case and supporting in a meaningful way the rebuilding of the locomotive that was mostly destroyed in the fire of October 17, 2005. The purchase price includes a donation of 25.00 Euros for the restoration of road no. 01 150.

Price: $ 549.00





Märklin H0 46470: Chemical Tank Car Set

Prototype: 3 chemical tank cars with insulated tanks, used on the German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG), privately owned cars painted and lettered for the firm Eva, Eisenbahn-Verkehrsmittel-AG, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Model: The cars have detailed, partially open frames. The side sills on the cards have a flat profile. The trucks are based on the Minden-Dorstfeld type. The cars have separately applied brakeman's platforms. They also have side ladders with a platform. The cars have different car numbers. Each car comes individually packaged and marked. Total length over the buffers 43.8 cm / 17-1/4".

New tooling for tank car types with a length of 12.74 meters / 41 feet 9-9/16 inches.
Newly developed insulated chemical tank.
Can be run on industrial curves 295.4 mm / 11-5/8" or greater in radius.
One-time series.

DC wheel set 12 x 700580.

Price: $119.00





Märklin H0 47040: Flat Car Set

Prototype: 2 German Federal Railroad (DB) type Sgs 693 four-axle flat cars for combination load service. Each car loaded with 2 convertible truck transport units. The cars and loads look as they did around 1992.

Model: The cars have Minden-Siegen type trucks. 1 flat car comes without brake wheels on the trucks, 1 flat car comes with brake wheels on one truck. The cars have metal, partially open frames. Each flat car is loaded with 2 convertible truck transport units. Stand supports for the convertible truck transport units are included separately. Both cars have different car numbers. Total length over the buffers 45.8 cm / 18-1/6".

New tooling for the type Sgs 693 for "Combination Load Service".
Continuation of the car family with a length over the buffers of 19.90 meters / 65 feet 3-7/16 inches.
One-time series.

DC wheel set 8 x 700580.

Price: $99.00





Märklin Z 88972: Steam Locomotive with a Tender

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 44 heavy freight locomotive. Version with oil firing and Witte smoke deflectors. Used for long ore and coal trains.

Model: The locomotive has a 5-pole motor. All of the driving axles are powered. The wheel treads and valve gear are dark nickel plated. Length over the buffers 112 mm / 4-7/16".

The ideal add-on for the "Langer Heinrich" / "Long Henry" unit train.
Locomotive body constructed of metal.
One-time series.

Price: $289.00