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Märklin 2007 Exclusiv II - Items

Following are the 2007 Exclusiv / II Items announced by Märklin.
Exclusive items are only available for a very short period of time.
Prices do not include shipping from ToToTrains to you. Applicable taxes apply.
ToToTrains is not liable for typo's, or any change in price or delivery due to the manufacturers decision(s).

Märklin H0 37860: Tank Locomotive

Prototype: German State Railroad (DRG) class 86 standard design locomotive. Used for passenger trains.

Model: The locomotive comes with an mfx decoder, controlled high-efficiency propulsion, and Telex couplers for remote uncoupling of cars at any spot on the layout. 4 axles powered. 2 traction tires. The headlights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The Telex couplers front and rear as well as the acceleration and braking delay can be controlled with a 6021 Control Unit or with Märklin Systems. The locomotive has separately applied grab irons. Length over the buffers 15.8 cm / 6-1/4".

Remote-controlled Telex couplers front and rear that can be controlled separately.
German State Railroad version with dual headlights.
One-time series for the Märklin "Exclusiv" program.

Daun on the Lieser. One of the photographs from the archive of Carl Bellingrodt shows the tank locomotive with the road number 86 004 with passenger train P 3320 in 1937. The impressive scene plays out on the viaduct across the small Lieser River before the station at Daun in the Eifel region. The well-proportioned standard design locomotive pulls the versatile passenger cars of the unmistakable Langenschwalbach design. In addition to the marvelous presentation of large locomotives in dynamic poses, the inexhaustible life's work of this master also shows many images from scenes of quite ordinary railroad life. Each of these images is also an individual masterpiece by virtue of the composition of the subject and the quality of the execution. The models making up the Daun train will satisfy the exacting demands of everyone: authentic paint and lettering, powerful motor and gear drive, and current digital technology. The Telex couplers enable you to move the locomotive around the train between the entry and departure from the station – just like the documented prototype.

The Langenschwalbach cars to make up passenger train P 3320 are available as a car set under item no. 43047.

Price: $249.00

Märklin H0 43047: Set with 4 Passenger Cars

Prototype: German State Railroad (DRG) Langenschwalbach design branch line cars, 3rd production run starting in 1907. One each type C4itr Pr 14 coach, 3rd class with a baggage area, type C4i Pr 15, 3rd class, type BC4i Pr 14, 2nd and 3rd class, as well as a type PwPost4i Pr 14 baggage car.

Model: The passenger cars have open, closed or mixed vestibules. The mail-baggage car has closed vestibules. The trucks are specific to these cars. The cars have separately applied grab irons and walkover plates. The cars have a representation of gas lighting. They also have older design open buffers. Total length over the buffers 60.8 cm / 23-15/16".

German State Railroad paint scheme of the Thirties.
Representation of gas lighting with containers and vents.
One-time series for the Märklin "Exclusiv" program.

DC wheel set 16 x 700580. Interior lighting for the set: 4 x 73400, 4 x 73405.

The 43046 car set together with the 37860 locomotive makes up the authentic model of the passenger train P 3320 from 1937.

Price: $189.00

Märklin H0 44532: Glass Tank Car

Prototype: Privately owned car lettered for the firm Pernod Ricard for Ramazzotti herbal liqueur.

Model: The car has a four-axle freight car frame with trucks and a brakeman's cab. The car is finely modeled with a partially car floor, metal side sills, and close couplers. The tank is made of real glass and can be filled with liquids and sealed with a cork. The car has special mounting bands made of metal. Length over the buffers 14.3 cm / 5-5/8".

One-time series for the Märklin "Exclusiv" program. This car is not available in Switzerland.

Ramazzotti. In 1815, Ausano Ramazzotti produced the semi-bitter herbal liqueur with his name in Milan for the first time. This "Amaro" from a recipe still secret today was one of the most successful bitters at that time. Ramazzotti is a favorite drink in a small, heavy glass, on ice and with a lemon wedge. This brand has belonged to the French group Pernod Ricard since 1985.

DC wheel set 4 x 700580.

Price: $59.00

Märklin H0 46328: Set with 3 Hopper Cars

Prototype: Type Tadgs for transporting grain, used on the German Federal Railroad (DB). Privately owned car painted and lettered for the Herforder Brewery, Felsenkeller, Germany.

Model: The cars have a metal insert for a low center of gravity and for quiet running. They have many separately applied details. The cars have different car numbers and come individually packaged. Total length over the buffers 51.5 cm / 20-1/4".

One-time series.

DC wheel set 12 x 700580.

Price: $95.00