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Märklin 2007 Exclusiv I - Items

Following are the 2007 Exclusiv / I Items announced by Märklin.
Exclusive items are only available for a very short period of time.
Prices do not include shipping from ToToTrains to you. Applicable taxes apply.
ToToTrains is not liable for typo's, or any change in price or delivery due to the manufacturers decision(s).

No "Early Bird" discounts are given on Exclusiv Items!

Märklin H0: 37772 Diesel Powered Rail Car Train

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class SVT 04 express powered rail car. German State Railroad class SVT 137 "Hamburg" design. Two-unit train with a Jacobs truck. Painted and lettered as the FT 231 "Montan Express" from 1954.

Model: The powered rail car has an mfx digital decoder, controlled C-Sine high-efficiency propulsion, light, and sound functions. It has a powerful, compact design can motor mounted in the Jacobs truck. 2 axles powered. 4 traction tires. The headlights, marker lights, and interior lights are maintenance-free LED's. The headlights and marker lights will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The interior lights, motor sounds, and horn, as well as the acceleration and braking delay can be controlled with a 6021 Control Unit or Märklin Systems. Additional operating and surrounding sounds can be controlled with Märklin Systems. The roof has separately applied details. The powered rail car has continuous side skirting with covers with side play over the wheel cutouts. It has a guide mechanism with a closed diaphragm between the halves of the train. A reproduction of the Scharfenberg coupler (non-working) is present at the ends of the powered rail car. Length over the couplers 48.4 cm / 19-1/16".

The latest technology: mfx decoder with sound and compact C-Sine propulsion.
Prototypical conversion on the roof and engineer's cabs.
Operating sounds: diesel, horn, brakes, compressor, oil pump...
Surrounding sounds: station announcements, departure whistle, rail joints "clickety clack"...
One-time series for the Märklin "Exclusiv" program.

This model is available in a 2-rail DC version from Trix under item no. T22025.

Price: $579.00
Anticipated delivery date: 05/07


Märklin Z: 88872 Diesel Powered Rail Car

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class SVT 04 express powered rail car. Former German State Railroad Company (DRG) class SVT 137 "Hamburg" design. Version as FT 231 / Long Distance Powered Rail Car 231 "Montan Express".

Model: The powered rail car has a 5-pole motor. One end truck has both axles powered. A Jacobs truck serves as the connection between the two cars permanently coupled together. The headlights / marker lights and interior lighting are maintenance-free LED's. The non-powered car is lighted. Train length 202 mm / 7-15/16".

First DB postwar paint scheme.
One-time series for the Märklin "Exclusiv" program.

Price: $355.00
Anticipated delivery date: 03/07

Märklin: 19041 Reproduction Model Automobile

Prototype: Streamlined Coupé from the 1930s.

Model: Ready-to-run model in a scale of about 1:16. The chassis and bodywork are made of metal. The shape, technical construction, and dimensions are the same as the 1101 C Basic Chassis Construction Set and the 1103 Add-On Bodywork Construction Set with the 1109 M windup motor, and the 1110 B Headlight Set. The windup mechanism is connected to the rear axle by means of a cardan shaft. The steering works and can be locked in place. The headlights will light up (AA battery, not included). The driver's door can be opened. The car has interior details with a driver's seat, dashboard, and steering wheel. The car has an exclusive paint job typical of the 1930s. The radiator grill and bumpers are bright nickel plated. Certificate of authenticity included. Length 37.5 cm / 14-3/4".

Reproduction as an authentic design.
Ready-to-run model made of metal.
Exclusive paint job.
One-time series.

Timelessly Beautiful Sport Coupe for Sale. The Märklin automobile / truck construction sets were in the Märklin catalog from 1933 to 1955. You could assemble a "new car" à la carte from the construction set program: All of the bodywork design fit on a universal chassis in a scale of 1:16 – from the sports car to the tank truck, from the race car to the fire truck. A mechanism and an electrical system could be installed later – the final assembly took place at home. The "Streamlined Limousine" had the most modern design, a sporty vehicle that today would be called a "Coupe". Streamlined shape, elegant two-tone paint job, and bright chrome parts provided the spirit of the times both in the building of the real life automobile and in the construction of the model automobile. This automobile, carefully manufactured now as a regular production model, not only represents a piece of Märklin tradition, it also is a tangible document of the exciting history of the automobile.

Price: $599.00
Anticipated delivery date: not known yet